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Yesterday was my aunt's 62nd birthday and she asked us to make her an Earthquake Cake. I'd never made one before, but that didn't stop us from taking it to another level.

Earthquake cake is German chocolate cake, with a mix of cream cheese and powdered sugar blended and thrown on top. As the cake bakes, the sugar/cream cheese sinks down, leaving cracks in the cake so that it looks like the ground after an earthquake. It's really yummy and I suggest you google the recipe and try it out.

Naturally, Ki had to idea to add to the cake, and create a crooked cityscape. We made the city by melting down chocolate into a flat sheet, then cut and carved out the buildings with an exacto knife and a fork (for the windows). The chocolate kept snapping so I became very adept at heating and healing it. Normally that would have aggravated me, but since there had been an earthquake, it just looked like some of the buildings had cracked : p

Note the chocolate rubble, and the broken building in the back right.
You can't see it, but one of the buldings is labeled GM. It doubled as an economic collapse cake.

Then we got the idea to put the birthday candles hidden behind the buildings, creating a real city in chaos effect.

Lighting the candles.

Our aunt really loved the cake, even though the candles burned some of the buildings : ) She and our neice had fun cleaning up the melting chocolate, and everyone fought over the tasty buildings.

The chocolate citizens never saw the disaster coming.

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