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I would love to get a new camera. I took B&W Photography in college and really enjoy working with an SLR. One day I'll get an awesome Digital SLR like the Rebel or something, but for now I need to find a good digital camera in the $200 range.

Right now I just have a compact 5MP digital camera. I love that it fits in my pocket and I used to carry it around all the time, but I rarely get truly good shots. The shutter is slow, so anything taken without flash generally requires a tripod which I do not have. Instead I have to steady the camera by bracing my arm against something. And taking pictures with the flash is no better, as it's to strong and washes everything out.

Below are some photos taken with my poor compact. I'll post more in the future and eventually I'll get around to scanning my B&W stuff.

Taken at the Morikami Japanese Gardens in Boca.

From the Hard Rock Cafe. I love the look of the repeated staircases. If I could, I would have stayed there and taken tons of photos of that staircase to get one where the people lined up just right. We're going back there in August, so maybe I'll get the chance. I also need to learn how to work with photos in Photoshop. I think this would look alot better if I blackened out the left and enhanced the color of the lights a bit.

The last think you see before the gator eats you.

I love water droplets in nature. It's just so pretty and... I hesitate to use the word magical, but you know in the movie Legend, how everything was covered in glitter? I'd say it's because they wanted to get this look.

I do wish I'd noticed the mud on the leaf in the background though. I would have wiped it off.


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